Colour through the seasons.

Late Spring

Fresh green foliage and the lovely reddish-purple leaves of the berberis are a fitting backdrop for the dramatic heads of the purple allium in late spring in shades of lilac and pink.

Late Spring

In the glorious perennial planting time,grasses and sword shaped leaves adding structure. The cool blues of eryngiums and agapanthus contrast beautifully with hot orange crocosmias.

Summer to Autumn

In the early summer,add more colour by planting all fantastic perennial plant,which our shop has a wide selection of.

As summer fades away,the greenery starts to flare into the fiery colours of Autumn,late flowering perennials such as Michaelmas, daisles and chrysanthemums brighten up the garden until the arrival of the frosts.


During the winter, flower interest in the garden is likely to be minimal, but you can still have colour and bold shapes and foliage colour, provided by the evergreens, such as conifers, holly, ivy, bark, bernes and the amazing Ericas.

Cacti and Succulents

Succulents are the plants in which the leaves,stems and the roots have been adapted for water storage.  Succulent textures and shapes range from the tight cushions and fleshy, rosetted leaves of the Echeverias, which is great for gardens and home with its amazing orange flower.

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